David Miller's Web Page

I am the Wilkonson Chair Professor in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Additionally I am a member of the Institute for Biomedical, Engineering, Science and Technology faculty, the Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology Graduate Program faculty. My major research area is in robotics, particularly robots used for planetary exploration, assisting people with disabilities, and for educational purposes. More information about recent research projects can be found at the Intelligent Robotics Lab (IRL) web site.

I have a mostly up to date copy of my CV available.

I believe that robotics is a good way to interest young people in science and engineering (STEM). Towards that end, I am a co-founder of KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, a not for profit company that runs the Botball program, Junior Botball Challenge, Global Conference on Educational Robotics, and other related activities.

I am on rotation at the National Science Foundation in 2019. Please check back at this website in December of 2019 to find out if I being renewed at NSF. I am not accepting any new graduate students until Fall of 2020 at the earliest. Please do not contact me about joining my lab before that time. Thank you.

Dear potential summer interns: I do not take on summer interns. Please do not send requests to be a summer intern.

Dear potential graduate students:

I expect to be on remote assignment at least for the entirety of 2019 and potentially into 2021. I will not be taking on any new graduate students in 2019 and may not be taking on new students until 2021. Please do not send me email about joining my group until that time. You can check back to this website to get updates. My advice to potential grad students whoever you are hoping to work with is to: Look at the potential advisor's CV and at their lab website before contacting them. If you choose to contact them, do not tell them that your interests are aligned with theirs -- demonstrate that you are capable of doing research by explaining to them how you would be a good fit with their recent research topics or why they should be interested in expanding out into the area that is of interest to you. Emails that are not tailored to the specific faculty member will probably not be answered (if you do not want to invest the time to see if someone would be a good advisor to you, then do not expect them to want to spend the time to figure out if you would be a good student for them.)

Please note that when I do take on new Ph.D. students (international and domestic) it is typically only one or two a year and typically only in the Fall. It is rare that I will take on International M.S. Students, but will make exceptions for exceptional students. If you are interested in applying, please visit AME's graduate student web page. You can contact me by email if you wish to get an early read on whether or not acceptance to my group is likely. Note that if you are applying for an ME or AE degree (or a CBN degree inside of AME), you will have the opportunity to specifically ask for me to review your application. I am not taking on new students in 2019! Please do not contact me about joining my group in 2019.